Operation Megaupload Premium Account :D

I need a few more downloads to renew my megaupload premium account (10 000 downloads = 1 month premium), so I mirrored some of my most popular shares to megaupload, hoping it will interest some of you guys :)

I’m not asking that you download the files if you already have them of course, however, if you don’t have these mangas, consider it a good opportunity, hmm ? ;)
You can even share the link around you ? :3
(yeah, I need my megaupload premium status badly :lol: )

I mirrored two mangas to Megaupload :

Aqua Bless [English, Uncensored Tank Version], by Yamatogawa
— Megaupload download link HERE

Mai Favorite [English, Uncensored Tank Version], by Gunma Kisaragi
— Megaupload download link HERE

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