Anal, Tsundere and Nekomimi <3

A priceless quote from this manga (the highlighting is made by me) :
«Alright, as proof of being 100% mine, I’ll flood your rectum with my semen ! Get pregnant in your butt and cum !» :D :lol:

So, well, here’s a nice delicacy, 139 pages full with uncensored hentai drawings by Freaks, with special nekomimi (glasses) chapters, big tits, and lots of happy sex :)

A precision : this is chapters 1-5, right, but in the end, there are clones of the chapters 1 and 5, with the girls wearing glasses as a bonus :3 Nekomimi goddness for the masses !!

(Fore more of this, Cf. The list of the works by Freaks on hentairules)

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yet another quadruple tits attack