Next time, use a condom, man. Or fap.

In the real world, If ever such a situation arises for you, don’t go for it !
The “all domestic chores in exchange of unlimited free sex” may sound good, but that’s a huge mistake. There will be more and more chores, and soon enough the free sex will turn into very rare reluctant occasions, since the girl won’t even feel like doing it with a domestic slave. I’ve seen it with a couple of friends, the woman becoming a no-good with house chores, the man taking it upon his shoulders out of his sense of responsability, and their relationship going from bad to worst until their little bubble exploded and the girl ended up dumped helpless and unable to tend for herself like the human shit she was, no matter how cute her vagoo might have been.

But we’re talking about the hentai world, right ? So, it’s cousin wincest, period, all thanks to Ryuu No Tamashii :)
Go for it if the drawings are for your taste (cf the preview pics), me, I found this story to be too much close to what I witnessed to enjoy it :-[

By Aduma Ren, I also share the mesmerizing Body Language and a pair of sweet K-On hentai doujinshi.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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