A maid is not a tamed dog, damnit

OK, so : the “self-brainwashed maid delightfully wagging her tail” setup pisses me off a bit (I wrote a wall of text to explain my emo feelings about it, scroll to the bottom of the post if you wish to read it), but graphically, this is very good material :) Kogure Mariko’s strong points are many (like detailed genitalia, hot eyes, big breasts, etc), but for me, on top of all, there are the women’s faces, with an enchanting smile warming us to the very core =)

YQII and Conan (AKA 4dagwz) are behind this nice release, thank you very much :)

By James Hotate, I also share the Uncensored version of Koi No Hana, and The Day The Earth Stood Still

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I must say, I’ve always been incomfortable with this Japanese -sama suffix. The way a human being deliberately places himself or herself under another one and whole heartedly makes him an inferior being, keeping on making his existence a satellite of someone else’s life… This has always sounded deeply WRONG in my eyes.

Talk all you want about differences in culture (in my country, we’ve beheaded lots of persons in the name of equality before the law) (*cough* – well, actually, the real reason was the bourgeoisie felt too constricted and aspired to a change of regime and more economic freedom, but, duh, the revolution needed a mass-converting appealing flagship), true. Highlight as much as you like the fact there’s a massive discrepancy between comics and real world, true. I’m just saying things as I feel. It’s just that my willing suspension of disbelief is nuked out cold when a girl sincerely smiles at a man and adds -sama after his name.

I don’t object to maid stories (fuck, it’s damn hot !), but then I’d rather have the maids just see it as a job, not as a soul-binding relation comparable to a dog’s collar.