Excellent, Munyu, great release, that made my day ^_^

Suehirogari might be THE exhibitionist specialist among the hentai mangakas, and Orunito is no exception, this is all about teachers and students gradually becoming proud exhibitionists (in the same school as in Cage, cf the link below), enjoying the thrill, and having great sex in orgy mode.

You may find this twisted, me, I just see in this a fetish allowing to enjoy proud nudity and nice sex :) The feeling of awakening to one’s sensuality, of learning to feel, to take advantage of the eyes of the people watching, the way to behave to have them respect you, the way it makes actual sex more pleasant, this was interesting… And, this time, there was nothing sick at all, if it may reassure you.

Let’s also highlight the volume 1 is fully uncensored, while the volume 2 only bears minimal censorship (or none at all), it’s good eye-candy ! Originally, that made a 138 MB large archive, but if it may help, I made a second archive, only 82 MB large this time, it was made with a resizing of the volume 2 pictures, from 3000++ pixels to “only” 1600 pixels. I offer the two versions, pick your favorite ! (Personally, 3000++ scans force me to set my viewer to “fit to screen” and then to zoom in, I hate it, I prefer 1600px scans, I watch them without resizing ^^)

I kinda liked this one, I hope you too may enjoy it ! And my grateful thank are for Malone, Aeleth, Biv, Angelofragnarok, Kam, KiTA and J, from Munyu Heavy Industries :)
While I’m at it, Munyu, a long-established group, is recruiting, so if you feel you kinda “belong” in there, with the themes they work on, and you have either translating or editing skills, if you’re interested in joining, you may think of them ?

(I share much more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of Suehirogari’s works)

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And if 138 MB is too much for you, I can also offer you a smaller version, only 82 MB this time. It required bringing the volume 2 pictures to the same res as the volume 1 pictures : 1600 px.
Smaller version : mirror #1 – or – mirror #2 – or – mirror #3