I really liked the "mood" all along the story, it felt cozy :)

I had a great time reading that manga, really ! I’m really grateful to Tadanohito and his kind donators :)

These are cute “slice of life and of sex” stories, with several very funny moments (the artist, Umematsu Thomas, added caricatural pictures quite liberally ^^).

The sex is caring, with mutual respect/liking/love, the two heroines aren’t embarrassed to love sex and it shows on their trusting or self-confident faces, their breasts are mirthfully big, the only downside would be the white hole censorship. I felt “cozy” while reading this manga, I think the censorship isn’t the end of the world, here ^^

In the first story arc, till page 138, the heroine is a tall busty blonde, around 30 years old I think, with an austere face claiming she’s a wild dominatrix and you’d better not annoy her. However, actually, she’s all meek inside, and she’s, on the opposite, a soft masochist ! The first man to actually realize this is her nephew, a young male adult. He’s kind, good-hearted, and does his best giving her what she wants, even when it costs him a good deal of effort ^^
The second half of the manga deals with a cute male dorm female manager (err… the girl managing a place where men reside, in other words), supposed to be 20 (me : 25-30), and providing occasional encouragement to men needing help or relief in their lives, to her great sexual pleasure :)

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