Othello [English], by Kogorou

Now, THAT is a sight to behold

A high school male student, and his austere-looking big-titted sempai, the fire burning under the ice, a clubroom with just the two of them… You got the idea, okay ? Happy sex with love, really fine drawings, with a good polish showing talent plus hard work and not just inspiration, it’s just the white censorship that’s a tad bothersome.
Now that I think of it, SCOOP !!! I think I know why Japan suffers from low birth rate, and why japanese males are so little interested into sex when they turn to adults !!. This is entirely the fault of hentai mangas, it made whole generations believe that good sex can ONLY happen at school, especially on the rooftop, in clubrooms, classroms, infirmaries and broom cupboards. As 4chaners may say, fuck real life.

Credits are for Begbeg, Tivums, Eromasuta and Amaimono, from Amai Little Thing, thank you very much for the nice piece of hentai :)

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