Great art, fuck yeah ! :D And fuck the scenario -_-

Wheee, a COMPLETE and UNCENSORED hentai manga, yay !

But, eeeew, the scenario will displease a good number of you, out there, on the other side of the internet tubes…

The first story arc (until page 64) is super hardcore. Yandere mind break netorare rape, yeeeeesh. The rest is an alternation (hoping it IS an English word, haha) of vanilla and netorare/mindbreak. The last 11 pages of the manga, starting at page 190, are back into the super hardcore netorare, just to warn the netorare haters to stop reading before the manga ends :o

Unfortunately, or fortunately, despite the slightly rotten scenarii, the drawings are AMAZING, uncensored to boot, deliciously detailed and hardcore, the girls usually take nice positions, they have great faces… So, even with the hard netorare background, I think I’ll still recommend this manga to everyone (the weakest souls will just have to skip the first story arc and the last 11 pages)…
This manga has been translated by Saha, thanks a lot for all the work ! :)

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