There is no scenario, we have a girl so cute it should be illegal (some may say it IS illegal, she might not be 18 *cough*) having sex with a classmate on the rooftop.
This is the usual hentai : no need for foreplay, no first time pain, immediate pleasure, boy’s a quickshot but he comes back for more at once, ending with the pro-natality obligatory creampie.
There is happy sex, love, total cuteness, the only things I could ask is for a decensoring and 200 additional pages :lol:

Credits are for The Individual Eleven, thank you very much :)

By Takayaki, I also share Koiibito Kinenbi (awesome tank !), Koibito Island,Cherry Pink Encounter + To Aru No Casino Bunny Girl, Uncrowded Train Molester, a large pack of 11 works (some of them now belonging to Koiibito Kinenbi), A Summer Afternoon With My Childhood Friend + Iincho Yudan 1-2, and under the Jenoa Cake name : Office Idol Kotori-san, Zettai Wakan, Azusa Sans Present For You & Tadashii OS No Atsukaikata 2, A Hanamaru Lucky Day, and Summer Time Sexy Girl.

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