fuck you Glenn Verboden >_<

To make a long story short : several of the oldest links on hentaiweblog have suddenly died, and I’ll fix them in the next days.

More details ? In the beginning of hentaiweblog I used the services of usercash.com redirections, hoping to make a bit of money. Well, the fucker owning usercash (Glenn Verboven from Belgium) sold it overnight without warning any of its users, and now the domain redirects to another place. The links are dead for good, asta la vista.

I’ll fix the links fast, guys, don’t worry. But please don’t bug me with a dead UC link during ten days, OK ? Regarding the usercash.com sale, I saw mention of 250 000 $ on Sedo, that’s not a real surprise for a site with an Alexa Rank of 175, but even though, wow :shock: