dickgirl free zip english translated complete hentai manga

I did it. Oh no, please, forgive me, O Great Pastafari, forgive me, I did it. I am truly sorry, but there were so many requests…

OK, pervs, now all of you guys who asked me more futanari (dickgirl), just give the emails a rest, allright ? That’s it, I finally made up my mind to upload a long quality uncensored complete dickgirl hentai manga :twisted: … even if that’s not my taste at all :(

Now, I consider my deed is done, next is finding a long Yuri (lesbian) translated hentai manga of quality to share… OK that will NEVER be as good as Maka-Maka, but I promise, if I find quality stuff, I’ll post it too !

By the same Artist, Rate, you can also find on Hentairules.net, in English, Oneechin (90% heterosexual sex, wonderful anal, contains another P-Total Biochemical lab chapter for the last 10%), Ane To Megane To Milk and RateJiru.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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I may as well precise it : I REALLY am not a fan of futanari style, I don’t understand at all why so many men and women like it, and sometimes that disgusts me… but I don’t pretend it is possible or logical to understand the sexual preferences of others (as a Terry Pratchett character wrote in one of his books, it is perfectly natural for sexual tastes to be unnatural, if you see what I mean), I can respect it.
But don’t ask me to upload dickgirl comics every day, that is beyond my force ^^