I was disappointed in the end of Negima

I feel like a piece of my youth has died, the manga Mahou Sensei Negima, that I started reading 7 years ago, is finished and is now entirely translated. This gives me weird, eerie feelings…

I gathered here two Negima doujinshi, one brand new with a good mood and good feelings, in full-color, Colorful Mahora by Happy Water. And an other doujin reflecting my mixed feelings towards the end of the manga series, Astral Bout Ver 20, by Studio Triumph.

The Studio Triumph one shows Negi being mildly netorare’ed (“because it makes wine taste better”, lol) by showing him his slutty students not giving a fuck about him. Both works are brought to us by the kind Trinity Translations team :)

I have “mixed feelings” about the enf of Negima… On the one hand, there’s the glow of having followed a good series for such a long time. But on the other hand, there is (sorry fanboys and fangirls) :
– a crappy ending, full of unexplained surprises (aging ? Dad, how, where from, etc ? Details of the century plan ? Still not chosing a main partner since all girls are still magical girls ? And there’s more)
– and lots of questions left unanswered (why the fuck need Asuna anyway eventually, what of Negi’s mother, who was that brat of daddy’s master and the mage of the dawn/evening/beginning/something-like-that, and who’s his bloody frigging grrrl ?!?)
… That ending’s got ALL the looks of a botched job for me and I think the series deserved much better as an ending :(
If you also read it, don’t you think so ?

I hope you may at least like the drawings, they’re both nice in that regard :o

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