This is no mistake if I called that image ''this-butt-is-almost-3D.jpg'', huhu ^^

I gathered here 100Ghz1G and LR-02, two nice works by the hentai artist “Locker room”, in full color, showing uncomplicated enjoyable sex if you’re searching for f-materials :3
They feature two Monster Hunter girls, in gaming outfits, and, from Sword Art Online, Silica (having this “WTF I LOST A MILLION NEURONES IN A SINGLE PEEK” kind of panties). The Silica doujin’s storyline is particularly caricatural, going beyond ridiculous and reaching the delightfully bathos state : – ‘Scuse me, I saw your panties, you wouldn’t mind if I fapped to you, right ? – Oh, sure, go a head, just let me take a more suggestive pose – for starters haha.
And all thanks are for Masamune, Nashrakh, TDV and Pagan from LWB, and to Rookie84 and Light Shader :)

Even MORE pleasant, by the same artist, I also share After Club (I named the artist Dream Locker, at that time : pen name, or me screwing up ? :D ), and there’s also (though not as faptastic) No-Pan + Ore No Kanojo Ga Konna ni Eroi Wake Ga Nai

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