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Thanks to the great work of Black Russian and Lusty Lady 00, from The Lusty Lady Project, we have two pleasant works by Hiyoshi Hana that were released on the same day :)

(Just a note, in the second one, I ended painfully stopping a yell along the lines of “Why don’t you just search the torrents, idiot !!!“, you’ll understand… ^^)

These two works are :
– The Equation Of The Cat And Me (this is a prequel to The Equation Of Him And His Little Sister), happy funny sex, a girl disguising as a nekomimi, however the thick black censorship bars were infuriating and the typesetting choice ate away too much of the genitalia
– The Little Sister On My Lap (not showing incest, despite the title), happy uncomplicated brother-sister wincest, the sister wears a wet bath towel and is surprisingly keep to discover “the things of sex,” surprisingly the whiteout censorship was mostly bearable, I felt it was better than the thick black bars O_o

And don’t forget, by the same artist, I also share The Equation Of Him And His Little Sister and Woman’s Heart And Autumn Inn.

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