Nice works, don't you think ? I'm sure some day we'll read a TANK or at least complex story by this artist :)

Holy cow, Kacchuu Musume = Hiyoshi Hana ! O_o I had no idea ! Woot, two good artists are now one ! ^_^
*cough* Erm, sorry, the enthusiasm kicking in :oops:

Soooo. Er. Well. Here is a nice pack of two works by the hentai artist Hiyoshi Hana, featuring happy sex, either with mutual love (first case) or mutual liking (second case). Nothing really kinky or weird, the usual sex, feeling good, even relieving the soul :)
Thanks a lot to Tsurupettan, Conan and Fuke ! :)

These two works are :
Chinese Figure Four Lock, a really good Witchcraft Works parody, heterosexual action between the main hero and heroine
SKB2, a Touhou parody, futanari-based

By the same artist, under the Hiyoshi Hana name, I also share Spend The Night, The Equation Of Him And His Little Sister, Woman’s Heart And Autumn Inn, and a pack of 2 works (made of : The Little Sister On My Lap, and, it’s a sequel to The Equation Of Him And His Little Sister, The Equation Of The Cat And Me). And, under the Kacchuu Musume pen name, I also share Shibakame and Kanade No Pastoral. There’s also Hexennacht, but that one looks to have been drawn by a different artist – no idea how and why.

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