Me fapstaaaaaaaaaa !

I swear Ikenai Roomshare isn’t built on a cliché : a man comes to live in a house with 3 other women. An easily drunk fully adult one working as a sexy OL, a tsundere violent freshly adult one, and a shy petite with nice boobs younger one.
Noooooo, this isn’t going to be stereotyped, not at aaaaaall :D

Oh well. As predictable as it was, the story ran smoothly, with a fair open ending, and there was lots of damn great sex, the girls had really nice horny expressions, and the sex was nice (oral, ontop, doggystyle, missionary) too, even despite the gaussian blur censorship ! :twisted:
Sex usually ends with ahegaos, mind you.

I also added another nice work, Onna Kyoushi Ayako No Mankai Hoken Taiiku, about an adult teacher learning at last, a bit late, the joys of sex.
My grateful thanks are for Desu and Darkfire, and also Red Vodka, Om3gadaioh, Pagan and Altereggo, from Little White Butterflies :)

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