I never thought i'd read Avengers and so much Super Heroes hentai :D

I repacked together two Celluloid Acme works released lately. The first one, Spitifire, is old and ugly, frankly, I didn’t like this Black Lagoon hentai doujin.
But the second one, Crazy 4 You… Jesus Christ naked on his Harley Davidson… oh boy… :shock:

Hey Google, open wide your digital ears. Hentai with Batman, Black Cat, Spiderman, Spider Woman, Mrs Marvel, Captain America, Black Canary, Huntress, Powergirl, Poison Ivy, Storm, Cyclops, Harley Quinn, Superman and Psylocke. All of them having sex. GNI ! QUICK ! TO THE FAPCAVE, ALBERT !!!

Graphically, this is simply AWESOME. Chiba Toshirou, the artist behind Celluloid Acme, draws extremely beautiful girls with extremely lusty faces, making the heroines justice (huhu) just as they deserve it. The men are good-looking too (just one surprise, Captain America : is he really supposed to be heterosexual ?!? – and no, I do NOT bear grudges). And lastly there are occasional bits of humour to relieve the mood (which inspired a modest bonus picture, cf the file “just-saying-lol.jpg” inside the archive ^^), it felt really GOOD to read this doujin ! :D
Thanks a LOT to Saha, Hazard and Son Drago, and then to Raikoh from Doujin-Moe !

A note, in this pack, huge retouching was needed.
– Spitfire : I gave up, whatever I tried the picture quality still sucked in the end, making these old pics looks good is beyond my skill level
– Crazy 4 You : I ran a mass retouching, cf the before / after comparison :)

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