That paizuri left me with a gaping mouth. (If that picture doesn't load for you, please hit F5)

I think we can start with a fast reminder of two key Rules Of hentai. First rule : taking a bath while there’s a person of the opposite gender in the same apartment/house/building/continent means that you agree to have sex with her. Second rule : if you have a childhood friend of the opposite gender, you’ll have sex with her.

Apply these two rules to 2 very well-drawn hentai works, with happy sex, and you’ve got something very nice for the eyes :)

One of the two stories is about a female childhood friend making a move on the guy she likes. The other chapter, however, O brave defenders of morals and family values (errr, wait, isn’t it a porn blog with fucktons of incest ?!?), be warned, it’s about adultery.

Thanks a lot (and I mean it !) to Conan and Fuke ! Great job :) I don’t highlight this often, but knowing you can read something with full trust in the work of the persons who brought it to us, it makes a manga always more pleasurable, it creates a great reading mood that I don’t have with everyone. I renew my thanks :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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