"I may believe that god really exists"

An idol, pretending that idols are pure creatures only feeling enjoyment through their fans’ cheering, is a heavy liar.
Two nuns, belonging to St Biggus Dickus’ convent (epic LOL), providing relief and gathering what must be gathered in the most optimal way for them (there’s an awesome final twist, I shall say no more, just look at the last picture with attention ^^).
In short, it could be the summary for the present share. Of course, since this is by Tuna Empire, this is full of “what the fooook ?!?”, but it’s not too deranging as it is now.

This IS happy sex, what the fuckesque as it may be, and there’s nothing more hardcore than a double penetration (Jebus, I’ve come to write that a DP is tame sex, what has become of me ?!?), however, fair warning, there’s pissing in the two works, and Maintenance displays one shitting panel (shift-del for that pic, as for me.)
I hope there will be a few among you who will love it ! :)
(Did I miss it, or were there no credits at all ?)

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