I SO would like to live a situation like that !

In short, in this pack, you’ve got :
– CL-Orz 14, newly translated
– CL-Orz 11, newly uncensored (previously, the English version was censored)
– Monfun, without dialogues (let’s say it’s still in Japanese :roll: ) and also Uncensored :)

CL-Orz 11, Uncensored, in English, this is something absolutely new, a first-time Internet release, I love moments like that ! ^_^

Kyle (you may remember him, he’s the one who commissioned H9E for the decensoring of When The Angel’s Away) is the very kind person who did the volume 11. He mixed (edited) the Japanese version, that had been decensored by Belldandy100, and the English version, that was still censored until today. Awesome job, man, thank you so much ! ^_^
A few hours later, we’ve got the LWB guys releasing CL-Orz 14, yoohoo !
And to make it better, I dug through my downloads folders to find back an Etcycle uncensored Monster Hunter artbook, to add goodness to the pack :)

(For more goodness, Cf. The list of ALL of Etcycleโ€™s works on Hentairules :twisted: )

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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(51 MB, 43 pictures, English)

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english hentai english hentai english hentai