Look, is it a bird ? No, fuckhead, this is an unholy hentai UFO !

Haaa, Tuna Empire… Why make something complicated when you can simply create some unholy UFO going to toy with our emotions and twist our brain upside down instead, right ? :D

The good point : they all display happy sex with the girls not mindbroken and not doing bizarre stuff. The wrong point : did I mention something along the lines of unholy UFOs toying with emotions and brains ? :lol: This is nothing like Tuna Empire’s two Island volumes, but it still bore the artist’s unique touch. (And please, please, don’t miss the last picture of “Bittersweet” :D )

Today’s pack is made of 3 short works (well, still, 54 pictures in total), all 3 of them related to Valentine’s day.
Those 3 works are :
– After School Sex Slave Club Plus 1 Ito Sanae Take 2,
– After School Sex Slave Club Sakurai Tomoko’s Valentine’s Day,
– Bittersweet

It seems this was translated by Geylnidae, thank you very much for all the nice work ! :)

(Remember to view the list of the works by Tuna Empire on hentairules)

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