A pro wrestler, having sex at home, doesn't it ring a bell for you ? ^^

Tadanohito, commissioned by Chichi, released great short stories, thanks a lot to them two :)

Here are four new full-color works by Oda Non. Graphically, despite localized blur, they’re really damn nice, and, scenario-wise, they’re mostly happy and funny (there’s even a Ring X Mama feeling ^^), save one dark mind-break story.

These four works are : A Secret Meeting, Midnight Cross Fight, Resolute And Firmly Look Like A Beautiful Flower, and SeXual EXcitement Colosseo.

By Oda Non, I also share another pack of 5 works. This is typical “let’s unplug my brain and enjoy the show” hentai :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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