Have I already seen a girl named Sakura that wasn't hot ? Among the ones of age, at least ?

Shirou and Sakura, from the Fate series, have good naked apron sex. That’s the gist.
The drawings aren’t very good to be frank, there are occasional anatomically weird things, but, how to say, it’s got a refreshing, fair and straightforward feeling to this. Maybe that’s because of my now famed lack of knoweledge of the Fate episodes, but it simply looked like a “yay, a chance to enjoy sex with the one I love !” type of story, and as such, sweet vanilla soothes my soul :)

That, that was Naisho No Omamagoto. To this, I added the much shorter Sakura Rains, but honestly, that other one has less than average drawings and didn’t keep my attention at all, I just didn’t want to let slip another work by the same artist, and that the commissioner, Ygg, was generous enough to commission for everyone.

The translation was made by Desu, with Ygg as the commissioner, thank you ! :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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