Facial ejac on a sister meganekko : achievement unlocked.

I gathered here two nice works by the hentai artist Junkie, also going by the name Chiyou Yoyuchi (until yesterday, I had no idea Junkie = Chiyou Yoyuchi :-/ )

The first is Himitsu No Futari, a cute stepbrother-stepsister story, in which happy sex, found to be with love, is a means of strenthening family bonds. This isn’t incest (they’re “steps”), so I don’t find it sick or weird, more like heart-warming, leaving us with a broad happy smile :)

The second one, N, is no news in itself, however I had always forgotten to update my share with its uncensored version, done by our dear H9E. This is a twisted story, in which a naive boy can’t satisfy his girlfriend, and his father guesses at once what the girl wants… But, as sick as it may be, the girl is hyper hot, a schoolgirl with braids, RHA YEAH.

By the same artist, under the Junkie or Chiyou Yoyuchi pen names, I also share good things to my taste, Capsella, Kuro No Gyuakushuu and Carnivorous Sister. And two other ones… Haha Ha Toshishita No (warning, facepalm adultery material that left me cursing DA FUQ JAPAN) and Midaremau (that I labelled as “alien-class crap”).

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