Filling one's sister with cum, huh ? Incest hentai, sigh.

I discovered Yasuhara Tsukasa with the release of the final “For You” chapter, remembered seeing it mentioned here and there in the past… And after some time searching and sorting, I made this pack of everything I could find by this artist, I hope you’ll appreciate it :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

You’ll see women aged 20-25, sisters or school nurse, having rather detailed hardcore sex with the usual cute shy boy equipped with a big hard rod… except that this time the artist deliberately highlights the importance of foreplay, and the fact that women are partners, not passive cum dumps. Imagine my shock, reading a hentai manga with a woman NOT orgasming simply because she has been penetrated by the male hero, and not even ravaged by a devastating climax after two frenetical minutes of come-and-go inside her before he finally wasn’t able to resist anymore and blew his load :shock: (don’t worry, For You 1-5 is 141 pictures long, the male hero improves a lot under good guidance)

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