Borderline as always, but good

Dang, every time I shared something by Saida Kazuaki in 2010, I’ve asked myself if his girls weren’t too borderline in terms of age. But every time, I concluded : to hell with it, let’s consider they are old enough, the drawings are too good ! :lol:

Same here !

By Saida Kazuaki, I also share Pattsun X2 and the uncensored version of Kui Communication.

For the moment, Paipain is still very good, but far from being as awesome as the two volumes mentioned just above. The scenario is weird, this is not incest but it toys with the idea – and, simple remark, the transition between the pages 26 and 27 was HYPER brutal, lol ! :D
Thanks a lot to a great team, Zathael and Setebos, Brolen, Makasu and 10th Mystery :)

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