Another hentai manga as I like them :)

Here’s another hentai manga to my liking, mixing light humour in heavily improbable situations requiring a lot of imagination to come by, full of happy sex, and of good and funny ideas :)

For instance, the Kaguya Hime (read this) chapter, daring to desecrate Japan’s oldest folk tale, was awesome :D Thanks a LOT to Tadanohito, Anon and Conan !

You may have seen already two of the stories of this manga, “Pochatto Love” and “Hurdle”.
I replaced the chapter 4 (Hurdle) with its uncensored version.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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I also appreciated the fact that the characters aren’t perfect. They have their weird/strong/surprising/twisted character, they all have uncute drawing sides (a square chin, or a flat chest, or ears that stick out…). I can’t really explain why it makes the manga so nice, but I guess it’s like French cinema, preferring the “gueules tordues” (something you could inaccurately translate as “torn/twisted faces”, meaning average joe’s imperfect faces as opposed to the too perfect looks of juvenile leads, bearing humanity and experience of life), the characters are more interesting and likeable like that…