Awesome, funny and original, YAY !

This manga is a sure win in my book. Some stories are interesting or very original. There’s a lot of very funny characters with excessive personalities (too naive and enthusiastic in the same time, too openly perverted, too sarcastic, too stiff, etc…) who are good at repartee and quite frank too. I had many severe giggling moments thanks to their little jokes and instant-replies ^^

And graphically ? It’s HOT ! :twisted:

Translation credits are for Tadanohito, Anon and Conan, and decensoring credits are for H9E and Zee from Z-hentai, thank you, thank you a whole lot, guys, reading this manga felt very good, and I know reading it again in the future will be as good as it was today :D

I also appreciated the fact that the characters aren’t perfect. They have their weird character, they all have uncute drawing sides (a square chin, or a flat chest, or ears that stick out…). I can’t really explain why, but it’s like French cinema, that is prefering “les gueules tordues” (something you could inaccurately translated as “torn/twisted/broken faces”). What I’m trying to say is that imperfect faces showing life experience and humanity are far more interesting that clones of Leonardo Di Caprio or plastic-doll-like girls…

I took the initiative to replace two of the chapters of this manga with their uncensored version, to make it a bit better :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai english hentai

Final note, if you had the chapters 1-6 of this manga (as I shared it seven months ago), you may wish to grab just the remaining parts to make it a full manga, that is to say the chapters 7-11 ? No problem, there you go : zip mirror 1 – or – zip mirror 2.