Para Furi – Strange Those Who Cohabit [English, 177 pictures], by Oohashi Takayki

It's the first time I sincerely mourned that I finished reading a tentacle raep manga too fast.

When I quickly browsed this manga, I got a terrible impression out of it, thinking it was yet another dumb hopeless tentacle raep hentai manga.

Good lord, how wrong was I :D
A rape manga, me, I felt super sad that it didn’t last longer ! :D

True, there’s lots of tentacle rape and the like. But, boy, THIS IS SUPER FUNNY ! :D Nothing is taken seriously, there are wicked quotations to remember ( ยซ you’re like a sexual cockroach trap ! ยป :lol: ), the characters keep a carefree “what the foooook – oh damn, who cares, let’s do it !!” spirit, and the scenario is original at least :)
There’s some happy sex, some hentai rape, some Boy X Girl, some Futa, some nipple fuck, some “what the holy fuck” X “please can I unsee this”…
Credits are for’s Raikoh and a glorious translator who won’t remain anonymous for very long since I know I can trust the kind helpers like 2Hip ;)

I just made a small bonus pic, a cropping, relying on the proven fact that a picture can look dreadful when taken out of its context ;)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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