Damn you, Nagare Ippon, I can't hate you

Damn. There’s a ton of great things in this manga, and as many “eeeeeeeew, nasty !” contents. Nagare Ippon’s a tough to deal with artist.

The first half of Parabellum 2 is the incomprehensible continuation of the dark-fantasy arc taking place in Parabellum volume 1, a huge mess of hentai rape, happy sex with love, and lots of WTF. And the rest is made of short chapters, 70 hentai rape, 30% happy sex without rape, 75% partial mindbreak, 90% annoying ahegaos. In various combos, and then there’s also a loli chapter.
The drawings deserve heavy praise, they’re almost uncensored, extremely powerful sex, tons of oral, paizuri, anal, vaginal, DP, wow :shock:

I just give up on giving you a better description, you’re warned that there’s great awesome and awful contents, deal with it however you like, that’s precisely why I upload complete pictures galleries, to avoid you wasting time downloading a Zip you won’t like in the end :twisted:
I just made one little bonus ;) The translation took forever but there we are, so thanks are for Saha and all his donators, like Drty Bird :)

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