And here comes the second chapter of Pathetic Prince And Spiteful Maid, probably the BEST thing I read, scenario-wise, by the artist Tsukino Jyogi :D

I was sold, I loved this manga already :D
(And if you don’t know Hilda, she’s the blonde girl, here, she’s a totally badass heroine in the Beelzebub manga), dressed gothic lolita style. Beelzebub is a great manga, not all about fighting but about having fun)

Let’s add to this
– Nice drawings despite the magazine censorship, anal and vaginal
– good character balance (yes, and yet this is by Tsukino Jyogi !)
– Very funny dialogues between the spoiled rich boy and his sarcastic private maid :
I can’t believe you wasted 4 panels just to tell such a boring story
Don’t look down on my powers of self-delusion !

I strongly encourage you to read it ^_^ Thanks a lot to Red Vodka, Almond, Youngfolk, Altereggo and DarkMac, from Team Vanilla !

(For much more stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Tsukino Jyogis works)

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– Hey, just a note. Didn’t you find this “moving homing womb” theory simply ridiculous ? I wonder where the Japanese find such ideas O_o