Pavlov [English], by Sugaishi

For the people's welfare, fap to this gem ! :D

Yesterday was Hilda from Beelzebub. Today is Switch from Sket Dance. Another hentai character totally looking like a popular non-adult manga hero : I approve :D

This is the usual story about a male private tutor, doing his best to teach his younger female student the most important things in life, with the girl eagerly learning and training herself as much as she can. With GREAT drawings ! Today’s specificities : the male hero teases his partner and persists in teaching her history at the most ero times, and the girl is much cuter than average, with delicious braids :3

I’m nitpicking, but I made a faint batch processing of the images. As of usual, cf. the before / after illustration – as you see, this time, it wasn’t much.
Thanks a lot to Cgrascal, a cute schoolgirl with braids in vanilla hentai is ALWAYS welcome :twisted:

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For the people’s welfare, come inside of me !
– and then, I laughed, and laughed, and laughed !! ^___________^

Regarding my batch processing of the pictures in this share, I thought I had to write a note…
I know, I know, I look excessively maniac (who said anal ? You’d better wish you never find what I’m anal about) about this stuff, but I really believe it’s bringing you some value added. Basically, the idea behind this, is that when it comes to levels, when something is supposed to be drawn black, I don’t understand why it is grey. When a surface is supposed to be smooth but the poor printing and the paper quality make it “patchy”, I see a visual improvement to bring. And I bring it !! :D
Otherwise, what would be the point in me taking the time to share stuff, and then retouch it only for my personal use and storage, as I did in the past ? I may as well retouch these versions before sharing them. And if you prefer the “versions before retouching”, I trust you can always find other sources, me, I’m trying to bring value added when I can ;)

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