Sister complex at its most hilarious

Sakura… It’s hard putting you through this, but… It’s all for your own good !! I’m not enjoying it or anything !! – Said the brother, “raping” his soaking wet sister, to teach her it was too dangerous to wander alone at night, because she’d risk to be molested. And she got molested, what a brilliant demonstration !

Welcome to the hilarious hentai world, with the guidance of the talented Yuzuki N, into a funny and very well drawn short work ^_^

Just a remark… See the preview picture above ? In the “normal” version it is censored, but I added to the Zip I share the uncensored version, from which that preview picture comes from.

(MOAR ! For more stuff by this artist, Cf. The List of Yuzuki N’s Works on Hentairules)

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