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PLDK is a collection of single chapters, each of them more crazy and inventive than the other :D Almost all of the time, the women are depicted as, well, not being on the smartest side of humanity – but men don’t do much to improve our specy’s public brilliance either. There will also be panels in which the artist forsakes all common sense, takes hardcore drugs (nothing short of LSD, minimum, and most likely worse), and throws perspective and taste to the gutter (I even made a bonus picture about it, lol.) Let’s add no girl is thin in here, we’re in plump kindgom.

So, if you’re still interested despite the warnings I just wrote, I think there’s a chance you’ll love it and that the manga may suit your taste :D Even if it won’t give you a vivid arousal feeling, most of the time there’s a good sense of humour, sometimes very crude and funny dialogues, with occasional bursts of total hilarity taking over us :) Bobobo has really original ideas, and his style implies to jump on every chance to insert crazyness (For instance, Pelmo The Living Thermometer. Or the fact that I’ll never see the same way the phrase “he sure showed me” ^^;; And the names Elizabetta or Terry are stained forever :lol: Or the soccer team – look at the members, lol) And sometimes, the girls have real heavy glares, impressive (a bit reminding me of this).

My most grateful thanks are for a bunch of persons, hoping I’m not forgetting anyone : Desu, SuperKawaii, StrangeScans, Fated Circle, Grey Fox, Nashrakh and Xavier from Little White Butterflies, Doujin-Moe’s Raikoh, Rande Knight, Kusanyagi and Kusanagi177 ! :jap:

A final quotation ? ยซ Less bitching, more fucking ! ยป

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai english hentai

Just a note, if you already got the version I was previously sharing, made of the chapters 1-8, you’ll only need the (newly released) final chapter 9 to make it a complete manga !
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