With so much force ! Like a thousand suns ? ;)

I guess this one will be really popular among maid fanatics, haha ^^ In short, and without any scenario, a young guy enjoys the services of a devoted sex maid, several times per day. A second maid joins, a blonde, who pretends not to be interested even though she years for it.

Well, you know the idea : busty maids, lingerie, nylon, surprising coincidence of figures between IQ and room temperature, the norm. If you love the preview pics, just go for it ^^ Me, frankly, I was disappointed, comparing it to ther works by Maidoll.

For the chapters 1-3, I offer you a “resized to usual 1600 px resolution” version. The pictures annoyed me, they were in super high resolution and I had to either waste hours scrolling all around, or else have the pics auto-resized and then the auto-resizing made them look bad. That’s 37 MB spared, additionally.
This release came from Fuke, helped by Conan, thanks to them two ! :)

By the same artist, I also share a pack of 4 works (Makinami Strike, Twin Monogatari 1-2, and Kiss Of The Dead 1, sorry for the double), Highschool Of The Dead 1-4, a pack of 3 works (Important Pointers For Selling At A Convention, Heavy Wing Liberate The Guardian Princess A Maiden who Liberates the Stars, Inside Enemy Zone), Aria The Aquamarine, and a 2-works pack ( Anaru Anaru, Aria The Aquamarine After Story).

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And, if that can help, I also offer you a smaller version, only 25 MB instead of 60 MB, achieved with a resizing of the chapters 1-3 to the standard resolution of 1600 px.
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