Poor Ojou-Sama and Pleasant Hybrid [English], by Bosshi

Bosshi Goodness for the masses

<– You’re not watching Star Wars, and yet, I confirm, this is indeed a lightsaber attack :roll:

Oh well, this is still Boshi :D

So, with my thanks to Yoroshii, here is a funny short serie, I gathered the two previous issues of Poor Ojou Sama with their brand new continuation, Pleasant Hybrid :) I wonder, would someone know if Bosshi has moved to another publisher, or something like that ? I don’t recall such a level of censorship in his past works ? The Ojou-Sama serie had a bit, but still, not to that extent :shock:

(MOAR ! For more of this, view the updated list of all Bosshi”s works on Hentairules)

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