Praise of Photoshop CS5 + a newbie question with photoshop

I hadn’t noticed, but, at last, Photoshop CS5 has been published, excellent news !

Even if you don’t know me, you may wonder why I’m so excited by this news. If you know me, you may wonder even more, since I’m a Gimp user, and I’ve become pretty good with the Gimp, enough to make it an “official” production tool for my IRL work.

Two words : Content Aware. Better than a long story, here are a few examples.

It’s the real deal.
It’s awesome shit.
It’s not complicated.
It’s going to rain heavy downpours of decensored hentai, I pray for it

Can you imagine if that’s applied to entirely black or white censorship bars ? Hmm ? :3

I toyed with Content Aware during 30 minutes, and I obtained results I had never been able to produce with my good decensoring experience. A triple censorship bar at the conjuction of a penis and a vagina ? No problem ! This type of censorship is something on which I have no choice but to give up, something that would have be redrawn almost from scratch by more talented decensorers, hopefully using a graphical tablet. And Content Aware dealt with it in a fraction of a second :shock:

Of course, it’s not perfect, this is a “stupid” plugin as all software codes, and since it has to guess from neighbouring areas, you have to carefully chose what your selection will be (I noticed considerable changes if I simply expanded my selections by two pixels). Sometimes, rather than selecting a censored block, it’s best to “slice” it in a number of selections comprising only a small censored part, if you see the idea. Also, give up on saving zones entirely comprised in a lost area (like a clitoris).
Sometimes, an area looking easy to fix will have to be fixed the old way (cf Ero-Otoko’s tutorial !).
Usually, you’ll have to do a bit of after effects, smooting the borders of your restored selection.

But these restrictions hardly make me calm down : really, Content Aware is THE thing I’ve been hoping for a long time :D

Hey, YOU, the perv, reading this page instead of having a socially acceptable and productive occupation, yes, you ! Haven’t you dreamt of decensoring some of your favorite hentai mangas to make them even more awesome ? Why don’t you give it a try with this Ero-O’s tutorial and this new Photoshop version’s Content Aware tool ? ;) (Just remember to share it with everyone when you have finished !)

Oh, and a newbie photoshop question please, sorry but I’m a Gimp user, how the heck can you rotate a selection, optionally without rotating the whole picture ? Thanks if you can tell me ^^;;

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