An Olympic Games league titfuck :twisted:

Two strong women, with an iron-clad character and a short temper, faced with a hostile battleship crew.

Unexpectedly, this wasn’t a “two VS 650″ senseless gangbang, with more subtlety, the leaders of the battleship are trying to brainwash the women without them knowing it (hypnosis and the like, just toying with mind break).

It’s not as sick as the usual mindbreak theme (the women are back to themselves the rest of the day, and there seems to be a hidden scheme that has yet to be revealed), and graphically, it’s pretty good, not going too heavy on the ahegao shots (a drawing style I dislike). I’d like to read more, I hope more will come some day ! Thanks a lot to ACF and BluMeino from Chocolate Scans !

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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