Mixed feelings. Is temporary mindbreak as bad as permanent mindbreak ?

Haaa, hypnotism~~ It can lead to deranging mindfucks as well as great well-thought stuff. Here, we’re halfway, the story is lame and the male “hero” uses hypnotism to get into a girl’s panties and temporarily (as long as she’s under hypnosis) mindbreak her, but, well… that was, on top of all, lame, I didn’t feel shocked or revolted, far from this.

I don’t say it sucks, okay ? More like, the scenario is weak and may just be seen as a canvas for sex, I guess :roll:
As for the drawings, NOW it’s better, a hot highschool girl, hot oral and nice powerful vaginal sex, it’s eye candy enough :3 Small warning, here be ahegaos.

And thanks to Raikoh, from Doujin-Moe.us, for this release, when Somejima is holding the drawing pen, uncomplicated sex between two normal humans is already a more than welcome surprise :)
By Somejima, I also share Libido Of Vampire, A Cool Maid’s Secret, Demon Girls Are My Slaves, Hyakki Yakou, something with a too long title, Inmu Hokenshitsu, Body Became Erotic + Miria’s Mind, Kyoufu Taiken Invisible + Fall Of The Warrior Miko Sisters and a Witch Of Steel Annerose hentai doujin.

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