Oh  boy, it was hot =)

Yum =) Radical GOGO Baby is a “half-length” (128 pictures) manga by Bosshi, entirely in full color, with Bosshi’s care for GREAT drawings, girls with flesh around the bones and lovely faces, having great sex.
Ackeejag, from Pineapples’R’Us, has translated the whole manga and even did the page joinings (I tried, and failed, he did a LOT of work !), this is excellent, thank you very much, man ! :D

Two negative notes, to my surprise, there are two “unhappy” sex scenes (a bit less than ten pages, I think), I’ll also mention the pictures are in sadly low resolution, less than 1200 px high.
There are all kinds of girls, in love or in the right mood, and there’s a lot of swimsuit sex, at which Bosshi shines like a thousand suns *cough*
Some chapters have been already scanlated in the past, but unless I’m mistaken, they were scanned from magazines and had gigantic blur censorship, while here this is only small black bars, its a neat improvement.
Last note, talking about swimsuits, the page 125, joined by Ackeejag… HHHHHNNNNNNNNGGGGG!!!! :D

(And don’t forget to chetk the list of Bosshi’s works on Hentairules)

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english hentai english hentai english hentai english hentai