LOLWUT sauce, awesome ^_^

Let’s plug an alternator onto the grave of Alexandre Dumas, read aloud a description of Rapière, by Takaoka Motofumi, and enjoy plenty of free electricity while the late writer will be turning in his grave at relativistic speed :D

Allright, ready ?
Brace yourselves : d’Artagnan is a young, fresh and weak girl brimming with enthusiasm (erm, actually, surprises awaits you), enjoying her time around Athos onee-sama (hot cold brune), Aramis-sempai (icy blonde) and Porthos-sempai (tanned redhead lolwut). The evil Cardinal Richelieu is a bishie and Milady is a blonde in short leather with an eyepatch, whilte Constance is a sex slave. And the quarrel with Buckingham won’t be about jewels. No, seriously, WUT ?!? :shock: :D :lol: It’s funny, some elements are respected (the personality differences between Athos, Porthos and Aramis, in some regards like in the book, some bits of the original book’s story), while all the rest is just plain crazy ^^;;

This was really pleasant to read, I’m marvelled at the jewels hentai mangas can offer us, not just porn, but so much more ^_^
Thanks a LOT to Brolen and Hollow49, that manga made my day ! :)

There’s much more, Cf. Takaoka Motufumi’s Works on hentairules

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Before I forget, fair warning, there are a dozen yaoi parts in the beginning of the last third of the manga, deal with it.