Ready To Love [English], by Akari Tsutsumi

You want no-brainer hentai ? Ask Akari Tsutsumi ^_^

Do you want no-brainer hentai ? Ask Akari Tsutsumi ^_^

So, with my thanks to Gurumao, Nashrakh and Tornomer, from Vanilla Scans, here’s a pleasant fap-and-go session, a waitress at a maid café in love with a frequent customer, and guess what happens, with a humorous touch to make it less cliché ? ;)

I share other english works by Akari Tsutsumi, a completely translated hentai manga like An Elder Sister’s Lewd Cavity, or also short works like Flash Splash and Graveyard Shift :)
Temporary note : I know, the links are dead in Graveyard Shift. Give me 90 minutes.

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