She keeps her tie on ! I luv her !

It’s a bit embarrassing to say it that way, but there’s no real way out of it : I shouldn’t have shared my previous Higenamuchi shares, since a number of them were released just one day later. I’m sorry.

This time, the translator, Wootskie (may hentai girls cross a trans-dimensional portal and visit his bedroom as a well-deserved reward !) apparently announced he was through with the artist ! So, we’re clear, I can share a Higenamuchi repack, it seems I won’t have to update it in the next two days again ;)

Sorry for the long talk. In short, I’m discarding my previous Higenamuchi share, and making a new one : I’ve collected all the Higenamuchi translated releases, they’re great stuff, enjoy :)
These works are :
– 2 x 2 (first and second half, complete story)
– An Older Person, + full-color Extra
– Hito Tsuma
– Indoor Game

Graphically, this is nice but not awesome (the censorship sees to that), however, scenario-wise, this is either funny or exsudating an impression of candid, genuinely sincere perversity, that is compelling. I think you should enjoy reading it :) This is either vanilla, or pervert without being sick, basically, with occasional funny moments. If you’re attached to moral values, half of it toys around the idea of having sex outside of the usual couple bonds, watch out.

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