And unlike Charlie Nishinaka, the censorship allows to make out anal from vaginal sex :-/

Wow, what a volume :shock:
Ring X Mama does much more than simply meeting my expectations, in all regards, it’s really a good pick ! :D Hey, not bad, we’re at volume 4, and there’s strictly no weariness, I’ve never been more eager to read the continuation ! :twisted:

If you missed the serie so far, there are female wrestlers, a good-willing and hard-working male manager practically having sex with every woman he meets, and… Nah, I simply can’t summarize it, there’s a REAL scenario, with twists, secret plans, emotion, humour, please read it, it’s really worth it ! :)

I also offer a BIG repack with the volumes 1-4 in a single archive, it should help those who just discovered Ring X Mama !

Just a note… Page 153… THE ASSHOLE ?!?!? OH MY !
Still going postal anal, a killer quote : ยซ Don’t underestimate the ass of a pro wrestler ! I could snap that thing of yours like a twig ! ยป The “Lord Of Ass In Women’s Wrestling” chapter was really fun :lol:

This volume was released thanks to the dedication and great work of the Soba Scans team, made of LD, Panzuriel, Njmanga and Ziggy. Thank you very much, guys, I’m deeply grateful :)

(I share lots of works by Johji Manabe, the main artist behind Studio Katsudon,
cf My list of Studio Katsudon shares)

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