That's not because I'm disappointed with the manga that I can't take pleasure in making a cool big preview picture ;)

This is the least pleasant work by Doumou that I’ve read so far, so, even though I’m still sharing, I have to warn you against it, okay ?
Scenario-wise, this is about a boy playing baseball, with a girly face and a normal boy’s body, except that, under the clothes, to hell with logic, this is a girl with a fine hips to waist ratio and very large breasts. A teammate finds out and half-blackmails half-convinces the girl to become his sexual partner, in chapter 2 the same deal resumes with another male welp added to the hollow plot, but time passes and the story ends with the girl calling it a day, bam dum tss.

Graphically, Doumou’s extremely strong point is the “highly pleased” expressions on the faces of the girls having sex, gradually growing hornier and hornier, far from ugly ahegaos, they’re simply smiling broadly, grinding their teeth, and turning slutty-eyed. However, that also relies on the girls thoroughly enjoying and accepting the sex they’re into. Do you think a weak setup such as the one I described would allow it ? Bang, you got it. Huge disappointment.
Credits are for Cgrascal, thanks for the work and time spent, nonetheless !

By Doumou, I also share Full Course Dinner For Vampire, Puppetmaster, Succubus Night, Dinner For A Vampire (that fully displayed Doumou’s talent at drawing faces), the exhilarating Yuuka Is A Sadist While Alice Is A Masochist, Playing With Master A Lot! Book, Mado-masochistic Book Featuring Plenty Of Master, a nice pack of 4 works, and finally Infinit Love.

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