WTF did I just read ?!?

There are great things as well as deranging things in this share, this is strange. It revolves in a certain manner around the idea of swapping, and even despite the “mild” white hole censorship, the drawings are really hot (my body was very honest about it all along), the two heroines have lots of sex in various situations, graphically that was a total feast for me :)

Thanks a lot to Saha and Anon for this release, all in all, I think it’s totally worth reading ! :)

If you REALLY want nasty swapping, there’s always Crossing Man And Woman (huge warning, it will leave you depressed).
Preparing that one caused me unusual problems, scroll down to the bottom of this post if you’re curious about them ^^

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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Now, a side “webmaster-side” note… When there is no “story” told in a hentai share, I can just go and tell what’s happening, and call it a day. But when the actual scenario can make a difference, bringing great value added or risking to destroy your mood, this is another story. However, today is a special case.

How the hell am I supposed to give you a good summary, helping you to know if it’s worth your downloading time or not, without spoiling you the whole story, and wasting part of your reading pleasure, for bloody heaven’s sake ?!? And the same goes for the choice of preview pictures ! ARGH ! Preparing this share caused me lots of pain.