Not sure everybody will love that one

Er…. What did I just read ?!? I have mixed feelings, here. Femdom style, women take advantage of psychologically weaker and a bit younger guys, at first forcing them into sex, and having unprotected sex. And the girls tell that if they get pregnant the male becomes sex slave for life O_o (huhu, one tough example).

I must renew my gratitude, once again, to Buster and Tadanohito, thank you, you two !

Should I call this hentai rape ? I’m swimming in an ocea of confusion O_o
There’s only the last part of the main story arc that shows the male character, not getting the upper hand, but almost achieving an equality status.

Graphically there are some really neat panels, however I must warn you, the artist has a serious problem with body proportions, or else he’s trying without success to represent the illusion of perspective. It’s not as extreme as Azuki Kurenai for instance, but body proportions changing so wildly and without warning, this was quite unsettling for me.

Just a note, if you got this manga elsewhere, I’d recommend that you still grab the manga cover I’m sharing. You see, I have strongly retouched that cover, straightening the picture, adjusting the colors in several manners, and I don’t want to boast (manner of speaking : I AM boasting because I think I deserve to), but I think this is a real improvement for you :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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