Happy Easter~!

What’s this? HurpDurp posting something that isn’t an audio or anime!? Madness!

Well, I say that but this manga is about h-audio~ (Which I’ve also posted today, so scroll down and get some of those too~)

Also, this is the first “Hurpy Hooves” release EVER. Go me.

Yep. This is a manga about a girl who listens to erotic hypnosis. When Red Vodka first showed me it my initial reaction was “Am I looking at me?” This chick listens to (Japanese) erotic hypnosis AND hands-free orgasms?! It’s like the mangaka based her off me! Well, as far as I know I don’t get raped by my (dead) brother when I listening to hypnoshit.

I really enjoyed working on this manga, and I hope you enjoy reading it as well. I’ll totally reedit the tank version if/when it comes out, let me know if any of you ever see it.

Anyway, I had plans to upload a hypnosis file today that Red Vodka and I were going to split the cost of, but he decided instead to buy manga to scan and translate. (Which assuming the editing isn’t too difficult, I’ll be working on as well.)

The translation is provided by Red Vodka, of the somewhat still new Red Vodka’s Magical Paradise. Red Vodka would like you all join his Paradise on Rizon: #redvodkasmagicalparadise on Rizon. The editing was done by yours truly of Hurpy Hooves. I don’t have my own IRC channel :<

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