I can't complain there's a scenario, can I ?

So, tell me, who was the bugger always complaining there’s almost never a worthy scenario in hentai works ? Oh, damn, that was me.

Add an accent. In French, « foiré » means, roughly “that has been screwed up”. I’m on the verge of making a sarcastic comment about French jokes and their implications *cough*

Saint Foire Festival contains very well drawn sex, however, be warned, this is based on hentai rape, a pure candid girl making the first steps into the ecchi dimension of life shouldn’t be sold to a prostitution network, obviously. Of course, since this is a hentai manga, she adores it darn quick, but, still.
Scenario-wise, the story runs deep, we’re promised lots of dramaaaaaaaaa, strong emotions, love, and more… I can’t spoil you the story, it’s too rare to have one, however, you’re warned, OK, there’s hentai rape and maybe – I’m not sure – mindbreak.
This share was brought us by Mant, thanks for this ! :)

By the same pair fo artits, I also share Ed X Win volume 1 and volume 2. There are other volumes out there, but I didn’t like them as much, I’m still waiting for a repacking opportunity.

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