Happy sex between two adults, so nice :)

I have shared lots of works by Kensoh Ogawa (AKA Fukudahda), and yet, I tell you guys, this one, Sakura Chiru Saku, is one of my favorites :)

Why, you may ask ? This is because, at last, I’ve got a hentai manga by Kensoh Ogawa showing young adult instead of schoolgirls and schoolboys, with a “more mature” expression and behaviour, that is VERY pleasing :razz:

Maybe I have that reaction because it is regrettably easy to get bored of unrealistic stories in which 16 years old schoolgirls act as if they already have had two decades worth of slutty life experience. At least a pure “happy sex” story featuring two adults (in happy sex !) is more simple and less artificial. To summarize , I loved that one :D

(I share MUCH more stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Kensoh Ogawa”s works)

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Read the rest of : Sakura Chiru Saku [English], by Kensoh Ogawa, also known as Fukudahda (324 words)